Hello and welcome once again to PSR’s blog! It’s been an interesting start to the year and we’ve been busy as usual. We’ve spent most of January and February in our Coventry bunker writing new material for the new year and it has been interesting to try some new ideas. We’re looking forward to getting out on the road and testing it out live soon.

Our main task this month, however, has been preparing for our next single release. We’ve been listening to various re-mixes we’ve had commissioned and deciding which, if any would work as a B-side. We’ve had some positive results and it’s been weird to hear our music de-constructed and re-formed as Drum ‘n’ Bass and House music! I think we’ve chose the best tracks and we’ll definitely put them out on the single.


We’ve also just finished filming the video for the single which was a fantastic day. We worked with some very creative directors and the most beautiful model I’ve ever seen to make something truly breathtaking! We certainly had a blast so hopefully that will show through on film. We’re really looking forward to putting the whole package together and releasing the single in around May so keep an ear to the ground!


All for now, Peace


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