Come Back To Me!

It’s been another busy month here in Coventry. One particularly awesome gig we did was when our local youth council invited us to play their half term gig held in the grounds of Coventry’s old Cathedral which was mostly destroyed during WW2. To stand and play surrounded by such a huge part of our hometown’s history felt amazing and very humbling and was definitely one to remember.


Our main task this month was to prepare for the release of our next single ‘Come Back To Me‘, which is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of next month. We had an absolute blast recording the video which features a local beautiful actress! The first cuts are looking as good as we hoped so we are really looking forward to getting it out there for you all to see! We have also come into contact with a very talented designer/artist who is currently producing some concepts for the artwork which have been exiting us all so we steam into next month locked, loaded and ready to go!! Till next time, peace, love, music……….


Baby Dave

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