It’s been a pretty cool month for PSR and we’re looking forward to finishing the year on a high and getting ready to attack 2010!


We’ve been back to playing live this month with some dates around London, Brighton and Birmingham. Brighton was absolutely freezing when we got there, but being Midlanders, we just had to see the sea! All was going well, the waves were crashing in the size of houses and our photographer was with us so he set up the shot, us with the waves behind, unfortunately, he was too busy looking through his lens to notice a particularly huge wave approaching and he had to spend the whole night soaking wet! Unlucky, but most amusing! The gig was awesome and all was well in the end though.

Also we had our Xmas gig in Birmingham. We packed out the O2 academy 3 with hundreds of fans from Coventry and when Rocket asked the crowd “Is Coventry here tonight?” The roar was deafining. Brilliant night, unforgettable.


We’ve also had the chance to record a pretty cool podcast with Gamerspot online magazine where we were asked loads of stuff about what it’s like working with E.A. We’re updating our youtube channel, we’ve added the clips from FIFA 10 and FIGHT NIGHT so do check them out next time your surfing www.youtube.com/pintshotriot. More will be added soon.


So Happy Christmas and peace to all


See you in 2010!

Baby Dave

Pint Shot Riot
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