Hello once again!


It’s been a wee while since my last blog so there’s quite a lot to catch up with so I’ll get right to it! Our live highlight of the summer was probably the Guilfest Festival. We took a huge van with all the things we needed to make a pretty awesome base camp and partied the night away!! I’m told the gig went pretty well but all I remember is waking up on the sofa from Mini’s front room, then realising I was in a field somewhere!!

Whilst we were down in Guildford we were given the opportunity to visit E.A’s UK HQ and play the new FIFA 11!! Being the bands resident gamer, I played the other three on my own and was 6-0 up by half time! Also, me and Mini were invited down to the Emirates stadium for a closer look at FIFA 11 earlier this month and had a great day there too. All I can say is that the game looks and plays amazingly and the list of improvements this year is incredibly long. The passing is so much better and more accurate and I think that will be the most noticeable difference on first play.


Talking of games, we were chuffed to bits to hear we are to be featured on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit!! The song is the ‘Redanka’ remix of our last single ‘Nothing From You’, which we’ve made a cheeky video to, this can be found on our Youtube channel here.


One last bit of news, we’re preparing for the next single release, which will be ‘Hazy Days’. We’ve had the track mixed beautifully by Barny Barnicott and it’s sounding amazing! We’ve got the video in the can and it’s looking awesome too as it features up and coming actress Jaymie Addicott. It’s a slight departure for us, with more of a story-telling element so I’m looking forward to getting some reactions to it when we release it later this month.


All for now


Be good!!


Baby Dave

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