Here’s what we’ve been doing!

It’s been a fairly busy month for PSR, we’ve been rehearsing and writing a lot in our bunker but we have had time to do some local shows. First, we played a nice acoustic set at the ‘Warehouse’ in Coventry. This was a fashion show organised for the `Snowball Kids Charity‘ and we were invited to add a little music to the occasion. We actually ended up playing with all 4 of us squeezed onto 1 sofa surrounded by Cov’s finest fashionistas! It was an excellent vibe, and a real honour to be part of such a unique event in our home town.


Next, we played a blinding gig at ‘The Kasbah‘ again in Coventry with the awesome ‘Cage The Elephant‘. We had an absolute blast as always playing our favourite venue in our home town, plenty of beautiful people hanging over the barrier and moshing the hell out of each other. The crowd were ravenous for the American visitors and they certainly didn’t disappoint. They whipped up a fantastic vibe and ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ was a particular highlight. We had a chat with the boys before the gig and it was awesome to swap musical ideologies with them and discuss what it’s like to live in Nashville Tennessee! We’re definitely going there one day!

Special mention has to go to ‘The Specials‘ for providing the most life-affirming gig I have seen for many, many a year! We were lucky enough to snag tickets for their show at the Brixton Academy in London for one of the dates of their reunion tour, and I am so so glad we did. It’s hard to describe how it felt to see such icons live and bang on form after a lifetime of dreaming, suffice to say it was a night I’ll never forget.


As for gaming, well my flat-mate recently acquired a projector and we’ve had a few FIFA tournaments on a screen 10 times the size of my TV! Naturally, I always have my way when it comes to playing FIFA against the band, and I’m definitely band champ at the moment! Also was great to play rock band on such a huge screen but more difficult to see as the ales were supped. Now I’m looking forward to getting FN4 and handing out a brutal beating to my band mates as Mike Tyson!


So we’re now working on the plans to get our next single out there, this will be our first recording produced by Peter Miles (The King Blues) back in January in Devon. We’ve booked up our photo session and the video shoot is being planned, we did have a load of live footage from our 1,000 capacity sold out headline show at ‘The Kasbah‘ back in March but the camera man posted the tapes to the director and they’ve never turned up!! Still never mind we’ve got some good new ideas which hopefully you’ll see soon…….



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