Need For Speed Nitro!

We’ve been taking a break from playing live so we could concentrate on some song writing and playing more FIFA 10 of course!! Loads and loads of people keep coming up to us saying they’ve heard ‘NOT THINKING STRAIGHT‘ on the game which is awesome and it’s our best selling track by miles!


It’s also on NEED FOR SPEED NITRO which I think is coming out now so we’re looking forward to that as well!

We’ve moved to a new rehearsal space in Coventry, our new space is a lot larger and more comfortable which has helped the creative juices flow. We loved our last place but it was a little cramped and we were getting sick of tripping over each other’s leads and smacking each other with our guitar necks! It feels like we’ve found a new home and we’re looking forward to spending a lot of long hours there in the future.


So as for December, we’re going to play a rake of cool gigs the first being one for Gig Aid, which is a really worthy musical charity involving bands raising money by playing live this on the 3rd in London we then go down to Brighton for the 7th for a winter seaside gig (don’t ask me, ask our manager), we then have our own Xmas Party Gig on the 13th up the road in Birmingham, really looking forward to this one! And finally back down to London for the 22nd and out London Xmas Party Gig!


So all for now, will let you know how the gigs all go on the next blog. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and that you get everything you want from Santa! Peace.


Baby Dave

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