So after the mayhem and malarkey of Austin we touched down in NYC for our second visit, the first being back in December 2010. We were once again put up by the legendary Micky and Paul from the live4ever website, who kindly agreed to help look after us while we were there, true dedication to the Rock ‘n’ Roll spirit! Also very deserving of a mention was their friend Liz Lomax who is now part of the PSR family also! We could never have done this trip without their help and we remain eternally grateful, always.

Our first port of call was a return to ‘The Rock Shop’ in Brooklyn, which was where we played our first overseas show last year. It was just as much fun this time, and we blew the roof off once again! The American audiences we have played to have always been very warm and receptive and this was no different, and a rocking good time was had by all!! Then it was back on the Path train to Hoboken for late-night drinks with the live4ever boys, happy days!!


We did manage to squeeze in a little photo shoot action around the city, shot by Paul Bachmann which produced some fantastic results. We shot in front of the building Led Zeppelin used for the cover of their seminal album ‘Physical Graffiti’ on St. Marks Place and at the Chelsea hotel. The Chelsea hotel is also next to probably the best guitar shop any of us have ever been in ‘Chelsea Guitars’. This place was more like a museum than a shop, with every guitar we have ever dreamed of owning all under one roof! Paul makes taking shots so easy, he is a true professional and an inspiration.


We had time to make one radio appearance whilst we were there too, in ‘Sitting with Gianluca’ for Resonance FM. Gianluca was a most interesting and knowledgeable host and he made it a very enjoyable, loose vibe, and we had a good time discussing music and playing a few acoustic numbers.


We then descended upon the Legendary Bleecker Street, home to so many famous venues which were populated by all the big names back in the day. We did two shows apiece at ‘The Red Lion’, which is an English-style pub with a huge stage in the middle of the room, and also at ‘The Bitter End’, which is famous for being where Bob Dylan started his career way back. Again, it was a case of warm crowds and good times, with the last show we did, before leaving for home being particularly emotional. We all feel this trip has been so life-affirming and are so pleased with the reaction we got over there, so it felt hard to leave.

All for now,


Baby Dave

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