What’s up everyone?

So it’s been a while since I blogged but I have been inspired to write about our first Trans-Atlantic shows, which we played in NYC earlier this month.

We were invited to play a showcase gig at Webster hall in Manhattan by the excellent Brit-rock website ‘Live4ever.uk.com‘, and it seemed rude to say no! We also scheduled a further two gigs both side of the main event, and turned it into a 9-day trip. We played ‘The Rock Shop‘ in Brooklyn on Sat Dec 4th and ‘The Mercury Lounge‘ in Manhattan’s East village on Tuesday the 7th.


Firstly, a massive shout-out and big-up to Live4ever’s Micky and Paul (who operate the website) for letting us stay with them in their cool-ass apartments with them in Hoboken, NJ. They totally made the trip for us and made us feel so welcome. We could never have done this without their help and they were fantastic the whole trip. Also a personal ‘cheers mate!’ to Colin for the selfless loan of his bass for the week.


Arriving on Tuesday 30th Oct, our first port of call was rehearsal. We knew we had to be in shape for our first international shows, and anyway I wanted to see what rehearsal studios are like in Manhattan! The room and location was pure Rock and Roll, and in the shadow of Madison square garden, the vibe was perfect to spend a little time sharpening up. Also the staff there were amazing. Turns out they are typical of the Americans as we found them to be in general – helpful, professional and really nice to be around!


Our first show, ‘The Rock Shop’ went perfectly. We got so worked up beforehand that we practically ran onto the stage and played like we were on fire! Again, the people we met were amazing, including Christian, from Brooklyn and Brian Harkenrider (what a cool name!), who co-owned the venue.

Just lovely,,lovely people to be around and share such an unforgettable night with.


Onto Monday 6th, and Webster hall, Manhattan. This was the big one. We knew we had a capacity crowd there to play to, and we didn’t want to let Micky and Paul our amazing hosts down at their first ever live4ever showcase event! We sucked it up, and gave it the best performance I think we have ever given! The crowd and reception were unbelievable, and the energy in the room was just perfect. A truly unforgettable night.


Finally, before we had to split back to Good old Blighty once again, was the Mercury lounge. Known as one of the more seriously cool venues in Manhattan, it famously hosted many of The Strokes early shows. We headlined in front of an enthusiastic crowd of live-music-lovers that were generous in their reception and also in front of the many friends we had have made on this trip. It was positively emotional towards the end of the set, and we all agreed that we could easily have stayed for a lot longer.


That’s all for this time, will write again soon I think. We have been stirred into a bit of a flurry of creative activity after such a quality

trip, so it looks like it’s going to be an interesting 2011, including our first appearance at SXSW in Austin, Texas!




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