New York CMJ Music Festival

New York CMJ Music Festival

So as we go into winter we can look back and say that October was an absolute classic month for PSR!

The month started with preparations for our home town gig at Bar S7VEN in glorious Coventry. We were discussing which songs to play from our album when we decided we should let our loyal home town fans hear most of the new songs we’ve been working on. This meant the debut of six new songs all in one show! We knuckled down and perfected the sextuplet of fresh meat then on the big night let them loose onto Coventry! It has to be said…..the crowd were fantastic and the response to the new material was extremely positive. So with the sound of a large room full of hardcore fans urging us on in unison, we felt the new songs were more than strong enough to stay in the set for

our next trip, a day later, to the Big Apple!!

Our reason for the trip to New York was to appear at several shows as part of the legendary CMJ Music Marathon. The first show of the trip was on the lower East Side at Arlene’s Grocery which is a funky little venue that has fantastic sound and organisation you learn to expect from an American venue, so refreshing! We refined the new set for America and also got a pretty good quality DVD of the night for posterity, we also hooked up with one of our favourite NYC people, Gianluca Tramontana, the most knowledgeable music journalist alive!

The next night was the big one, the Live4Ever website showcase at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is just over the bridge to the east of Manhattan. This was some venue to behold! Modelled on a sister venue in New Orleans, it’s a huge 600-capacity main room with a bowling alley running down one side! Full of kooky, old-school Americana artwork and with a menu full of soul food, we knew we were going to have a good night! After seeing our dear friends, the mighty Fifth Nation do their fantastic thing, we gathered backstage and turned the dial to ‘Smash Mode’!! We had a fantastic reaction from the capacity crowd and by now the new songs were sounding enormous! A fantastic success and another unforgettable night! Also on the bill were The Minutes from Ireland, Figo and Damndogs from America plus our own The Duke Spirit. Also present was NYC DJ Abbey Braden who had interviewed us earlier on, we love you Abbey XX

It was then back to our old stomping ground, The Bitter End on Bleecker street in the heart of Greenwich Village. We shared the bill here with a pal from Coventry who now lives in New York, his name is Declan Bennett, as well as doing his own music he also played in the Green Day musical here on Broadway, so the place was rammed to see for the first time ever in NYC……. two Coventry acts on the same bill!!!

Boy did we have a party after this, but as it’s NYC it seems to be normal life to get on the subway at 4am plastered!

So we continued to rock on in NYC, with further gigs including Bar East way up on East 90th Street, Desmond’s bar on Park Avenue which is one of NYC’s oldest Irish bars. Now here’s a thing, when we first played in America at SXSW Rocket hung a Union Jack of his mic stand and because the gig went so well, we just kept doing it. So in this Irish bar up the Union Jack went….. It wasn’t until afterwards that we realised the significance of what we’d done, but hey the Irish bar staff didn’t say take it down and what with the Queen visiting Ireland this year, maybe we’re also part of the peace process that good music can bring people together!! If you wanna wave your flag at our gigs you’re more than welcome!!

So after five gigs in six days, it was time to go home we have to say a massive thanks to the Live4Ever team for putting us all up, Paul Bachmann, Michael Smyth, Liz Lomax, Colin Ryan and also his band Portmanteaux for lending us their gear, we thank you all!!!!

So the four of us sat at JFK airport exhausted, but as the final song on our album goes, we were “The four faces still smiling, so pleased with it all”

And one thing we know for the future is…… the songs for the second album sounding fucking amazing!!

Peace and talk soon

Baby Dave x

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