Hello again

So what have Pint Shot Riot been up to recently?? Well, we’ve been busy preparing for our next single release for one! We’ve got the track sounding totally perfect now at last, having been mixed by Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Temper Trap) and matched with a stunning set of ‘4 to the floor’ remixes by the legendary dance producer Redanka! These things always take a little tweaking and adjusting, and now we think it’s just about ready to get out there and blow people’s minds!

Another part of the single release which we’ve spent time tweaking and perfecting this month is the video. The video can sometimes prove to be the hardest thing to get right, so we were naturally blown away when we finally saw the finished thing looking so amazing! We had the most awesome time filming down in Camden, London and the energy has carried over nicely to produce a truly representative piece of film to match the song, so check it out on Youtube.


Another thing we had the chance to do was play a couple of gigs in our home town of Coventry,our first of 2010. The first gig was in honour of a young local lad named James Morissey who tragically died recently. The Rifles also played as they were one of his favourite bands, the night was a successful celebration for a talented young man.


The other gig, which took place the following night was a nice, cosy intimate gig at one of our favourite bars in town, InSpire. We ended up playing out on the patio as the sun went down and it was so good to catch up with so many friends and play a little quieter for once.


So the single NOTHING FROM YOU is out worldwide on 24th May, hope you like it, we do!


All for now


Baby Dave

Pint Shot Riot
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