San Francisco is for us!

One of the best memories of my life will always be driving in the RV camper van from L.A to San Francisco, with our friends ‘5th Nation’! 8 hours driving across beautiful Californian scenery! We stopped at a service station and I asked the lady behind the counter where we were. She pulled out a map and pointed to a big area of nothingness! We were in the Mojave Desert at that point, and not a town or city for a hundred miles plus in any direction! Probably the best part would be driving into San Fran, listening to the awesome Paul Morrell & MNVI re-mix of our track ‘Twisted Soul’, rocking the hell out with ‘5th Nation’ and arriving at the venue 10 minutes before stage time!

The first of our San Fran gigs was at ‘The Brainwash Cafe’, and it got as messy as any of our gigs ever have! Maybe it was the vibe from the trip and watching 5th Nation rip it up, maybe it was the lack of time to set our gear up, but we were just on a tear, big time! Mini smashed the kit so hard it moved forward 5 feet during the gig, Rocket got Musik from 5th Nation onstage to rap freestyle over ‘Starting To fly’, I was rocking my new cowboy boots and feeling a cowboy power from them and Rob was soloing away stood on a table in the middle of the room! A special night, followed by some truly jubilant celebrations!!

During the next day, we were invited to check out a San Francisco Giants baseball game by our friend Sam from New York. I’m so glad we did! It had a bit of everything, broken bats, huge hits and a cameo from baseball’s answer to Wayne Rooney, some guy known as ‘The Beard’! The home team got the win with the last play of the game after ‘The Beard’ had shut the away team down in the last innings. Top game! And the snacks are a million times better than at a Coventry City game!

So, onwards to the last show of the tour, and it was emotional! The Venue, appropriately enough was the Rockit Room on Clements street! 5th Nation had a lot of friends in the room and vibed the place up nicely for us, and we strode onstage as if it was our last night on Earth! We pounded trough the set, Musik from 5th Nation came onstage again to rap freestyle over ‘Starting To Fly’, Mini played extra-crazy as it was his birthday the following day, and by the end of it…..I swear I couldn’t play another note. I was spent, and I am so glad I was. We gave it everything we had and left our mark everywhere we went. All I can add is – Thank you California, we love you!!

Awesome peace
Baby Dave

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