Two singles coming!!

It’s been as usual, a pretty busy month for us but a fruitful one!

Preparations have been going well for 5th October which sees us release two singles ‘Not Thinking Straight’ and ‘Come Back To Me’ with lots of B-sides. We’ve managed to secure several plays on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show and been played regularly on NME’s T.V channel plus received lots more national radio and press coverage, so we’re looking forward to seeing how it all goes! By the time you read this you should be able to download it from iTunes etc. so feel free to get involved!

We have been doing the usual writing and rehearsals also this month, and we just got back from a 3-night run playing live in London, Redditch and London again. The first night was a party in aid of London Fashion Week, and needless to say it was awesome to be among the beautiful people, champagne and debauchery! The second night we finally played Rob’s home town of Redditch (also home town of John Bonham!!) for the first time. We were treated superbly by all involved and I think we did Rob proud in front of his mates with a blistering rip though the album and a few oldies. The final night was at the legendary 333 Motherbar Club in Shoreditch. We squeezed the last drop of rock and roll out of ourselves onstage and then took the long road back to Coventry for some much-needed sleep!


All for now, except to say that I’m seriously pumped for the imminent release of FIFA 10! I always look forward to the release of the new FIFA, but this year my dream has come true! We’re actually part of it! I’ll see you on Xbox live soon!


Peace, Love , Rock on with your socks on! – Baby Dave

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