It’s been a pretty interesting month for us, allow me to fill you in. We released ‘Come Back To Me’ and ‘Not Thinking Straight’ to pretty favourable reviews and we were played on BBC Radio One which was a very positive thing for us. We’ve also been picking up plays on independent radio stations all over the country so all in all it was a success!!


The biggest thing to happen this month though was when FIFA 10 was released, which was a pretty amazing thing! Now I’ve actually got my hands on the game and heard ‘Not Thinking Straight’ in the context of the game, I have to say I was pretty blown away! All of our friends have been saying the same thing, that it feels really strange and almost surreal to see our name pop up and hear our track in the middle of a game of FIFA! It has to be said, the game itself is brilliant to play and a huge improvement on last year!!


We’re taking a break from playing live for a few weeks as we’re currently holed up in our rehearsal studio working on some new stuff, which is sounding pretty good, so it should be another good month!


All for now, peace.


Baby Dave

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