‘Nothing From You’ Out today!!

Today is release day for our new single ‘Nothing From You’!!!!

This is definately one of the best songs we’ve released yet, if not the very best.

Head over to this link to purchase your copy today!!

PSR Update

Just a quick update on the movements the elusive PSR!!

We’ve been keeping it pretty low-key this year so far as we’ve been busy in the studio writing, rehearsing and recording a few demos. We’ll probably continue that for the coming month or so before we release our next single in a few months time.

We’re really looking forward to this year, later in 2010 we will be releasing our debut album so it could be the most important year of our lives!!

Look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Army of 2 video out now featuring Pint Shot Riot!!

Check out this cool video we shot recently for E.A!

We went down to London to hang with 2 of the scariest dudes I’ve ever met in my life!! Turned out they were quite nice actually……..

Xmas time!!

A quick heads up for our Xmas gig which is happening on 21st of December at the O2 academy Birmingham!!


This is also a good time to say best wishes for the festive period, and thanks to all that have supported us over the last year and been part of what we do. Here’s to another amazing year in 2010!!

Godiva Festival 2009

PSR play Godiva 09 on the 4th July Main Stage at 4:30, just before Toploader! The band are on top form so it looks to be an awesome day, see ya’ll there…

PSR Kasbah show

How you doin people, just a quick reminder that PSR are headline the 1000 cap main room, at The Kasbah Coventry. Looks to be a wicked night so hope to see you all there, and as usual tickets are available from Hannigans.

PSR sign Publishing to ARTWERK

Nettwerk Music Group and EA Games, Artwerk Publishing has signed PINT SHOT RIOT.


The deed was done just before the Christmas break on 19th December 2008 and hooks up the band uniquely with E.A. Games in Los Angeles for automatic sync licensing.

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