Hazy Days

 Intro/Verse –
A, C#m, F#m, buy viagra sans ordonnance levitra now boots D

Chorus –
Bm, A, Bm, A
Bm, A, E, D, E

Mid 8 –
A, C#m, F#m, D


Hazy days seem to take me away thank fuck they past the time

Getting drunk and telling tales has been a personal favourite of mine

The perfect girl and the perfect boy, the perfect life on the viagra sans ordonnance 8th floor

Then the haze comes and takes it away it’s not so cialis generique perfect anymore


Still hypnotized by your delight

You seem to take up all my time

It’s the way you forced me down that road

That makes me

want you to be mine

Lazy hours take up more than they should now I’m certain a weeks gone by

Reality isn’t talking to me and won’t explain itself as to why

There’s something missing but I’m stopping listening at the moment I’m riding high

In this

haze that I had to create to make

my days go by

Chorus x 2

That makes me want https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/ you to be mine x 2

Words & Music by Pint Shot Riot
Published by Artwerk Music Llc.
Administered Worldwide by Nettwerk One Music
Pint Shot Riot
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