Intro/Verse –
G#m, E, B7, B7/A#

Chorus –
C#m7, F#, Eb7
C#m7, Eb7m.

C#m7, F#, Eb7
C#m7, Eb7m, E7, Eb7

Mid 8 –
C#m7, Eb7


Verse 1

The look on your face it says it all, your tired and hungry, and worst of all, you’d sell your mother for a drag on a cigarette.

And as I watch my breath in clouds, in the early morning bathroom, I’ve come to realise, you’ve been a bit upset.


Put those thoughts to the back of your mind, and come with me, because I’ve got designs on your soul.

And if you don’t start smiling soon, I’m gonna hang you by your feet, don’t start with me, because I know where you’ve dug those holes, where you’ve dug those holes.

Verse 2

There’s no point trying to wash the dirt, form your cracked and calloused hands, you’d give the game away, if you were playing solitaire.

You can’t drink away the hurt, get so drunk that you can’t stand, knelt wretching in the bathroom while your best mate holds your hair.


We know where you dug those holes x 6


Words & Music by Pint Shot Riot
Published by Artwerk Music Llc.
Administered Worldwide by Nettwerk One Music


Pint Shot Riot
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