A cialis prix en france SONG FOR THE CURRENT TIMES…..


Intro/Verse –

Am, C, Dsus2, Dsus2/C, Dsus2/B, Am, E

Chorus –
Dm, A7


Five pounds and counting

No-ones ever gonna tell you what to do

When it’s running out on you

No job, no money

Debt collectors will be knockin’ at my door

They’re always wanting more…


Money, and everywhere you go it’s the same

Money, there’s always someone else you can blame

Money, I need to get a job with a desk

Money, cuz everyone you see is so stressed about Money!

The soft glow of

a street lamp

I try to fall asleep but all I see is you

Well I just can’t break through


no work in this city

The streets are cold and the sirens never stop

They wait for us to drop…

Chorus x 2

Words & Music by Pint Shot Riot
Published by Artwerk Music Llc.
Administered Worldwide by Nettwerk One Music


Pint Shot Riot
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