Six Years, Three Weeks


Intro/Verse –
Bm, A, F#m, G

Chorus –
D, A, G


Trading insults as you leave viagra naturel femme nouveau the room

Big ambition but you peeked to soon


your apologies for not being good enough

A lack of minerals and a fear of fucking up


It’s been six long years, now three more weeks can’t hurt

More than ever now it’s time to keep your nerve

Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your time

Please share your feelings as we’d love to know

Why it is that you’re not letting go

We have to smile and thank you for your time

Maybe another place, maybe another time.


Chorus x 2

Words & Music by Pint Shot Riot
Published by Artwerk Music Llc.
Administered Worldwide by Nettwerk One Music
Pint Shot Riot
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